Dragonfly Lab is a creative agency founded by Chiara Treglia.

Chiara graduated from Industrial Design at TU/Eindhoven in 2017. Following her studies, she went on an international master program called Global Innovation Design, at Royal College of Art and Imperial College of London.

Within the program she had the opportunity to live, study and work on a variety of projects across the globe, from Japan to the United States. She collaborated with multiple stakeholders and communities (from SDG focused institutes in Tokyo, to local governments in New York, to mental health focus organisations in London) and the red thread between all these experiences has always been ‘transformation’. 

Everyone is aware that the world is getting more and more complex, with its social and environmental issues. Organisations and communities know that they need to keep up with change, but how?

Chiara decided to bring back her baggage of experience to Eindhoven, where her passion for positive impact started, and share it, through Dragonfly Lab, with organisations and communities of all size.

Transformation is about transitioning and ‘transition’ is a big word, but it sets very specific questions: where have you been? where are you now? where do you want to go? At Dragonfly Lab, through co-creation, we unfold transformation strategies into tactics that are at the same time sustainable and innovative. 

Find more about Chiara’s background in her CV attached.